Support to Governments and State-Owned Companies

ARCO provides services to the countries that have a nuclear industry, and it supports research centers. Also, ARCO supports companies in construction of civil nuclear power plants and related infrastructure.

ARCO advises and supports Governments in phases 1 and 2 of the IAEA's phased action plan. Such services are in full compliance with international nuclear safety rules and IAEA requirements.

After the technology has been chosen, ARCO can provide consulting during the construction (Phase 3 of the IAEA's phased action plan) of a nuclear power plant, a research center or any other facility of nuclear infrastructure.

ARCO specialists work closely with countries that develop nuclear energy facilities. This gives ARCO a complete picture of the difficulties and problems faced by these countries.


Once a nuclear program has been approved, the country may initiate preparatory studies covering a wide range of applications, from selection of technologies and the construction site to safety studies. ARCO Experts have an extensive experience working with energy companies and operating organizations around the world. They have participated in several nuclear programs and have the knowledge to coordinate activities in the pre-project phase, including:

  • Preparation of a national nuclear program (Phases 1 and 2 of the IAEA phased action plan)
  • Long-term planning of electricity production
  • National Policy Paper (a normative document)
  • Operational plan for the implementation of the nuclear program (IAEA phases)
  • Analysis and drafts of legal national and international agreements and compliance with requirements for environmental protection, safety, etc.
  • Public approval and involvement of stakeholders
  • Providing industry readiness and localization
  • Lobbying
  • Independent project analysis and economic valuation
  • Determination of parameters and preparation of nuclear facilities, selection and certification of facilities