Assistance in the Development
of the Nuclear Industry

ARCO has advanced expertise and experience in new projects, technical evaluation and audits. Industrial companies, manufacturers of nuclear equipment and service organizations of the nuclear industry might benefit from this knowledge.

ARCO's high standard of professionalism allows the company to provide technical support (technical assistance on the development of nuclear technologies) and advise on strategic issues (consultations on strategic aspects of enterprise development). In addition to consulting services, ARCO can provide engineering services to industrial enterprises and groups for new projects in construction or decommissioning and elimination of nuclear facilities.

On top of that, ARCO can support licensing of nuclear technologies in international organizations for safety issues.

Engineering Support During
Project Implementation

Large industrial projects face many challenges. The owner of the project should not only control the project to fit into the schedule and not go beyond the budget, but also ensure that the project is completely under control and certain technologies are mastered and financial risks are minimized.

Our engineers are ready to assist
in the following

  • Project management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Timing, monitoring and oversight
  • Commissioning, testing and transfer of control
  • Help in selecting a subcontractor, supplier audit
    (including reclassification and certification of the supplier)
  • Contract work strategy and supervision
  • Drawing up a supply specification
  • Assistance in the analysis of the tender and in the preparation of the tender documentation
  • Interaction with the regulatory authority
  • Management and staffing the project team
  • Distribution of contracts and participation in tenders
  • Development of a contractual framework beneficial to all Parties

Nuclear Safety and
Legal Regulation

One of the decisive factors for the success of the nuclear program is the emphasis on legal and technical issues of safety; problems in licensing can lead to delays and bring serious financial consequences.

At any stage of the implementation of the nuclear program, ARCO can support operators in issues concerning safety and licensing of a nuclear facility relying on international and national standards and safety codes.


ARCO is ready to offer their support
in the following fields

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Safety analysis
  • Risk planning
  • Disaster recovery planning (DRP)
  • Emergency preparedness and contingency planning
  • Support to regulatory authorities
  • Quality Management
  • Support for operator licensing
  • Environmental protection
  • Optimization of radioactive protection and control measures (achieving the result with the least possible impact)