Arco consists of a multi-skilled international team of experts from European enterprises who specialize in scientific research and in the nuclear industry, including

  • BME NTI (Budapest, Hungary)
  • MTA EK (Budapest, Hungary)
  • NUBIKI (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Framatome (France)
  • Technicatome, an engineering company which develops and builds nuclear reactors (France)
  • VO Safety (Moscow, Russian Federation)
  • WorleyParsons Resources & Energy (Moscow, Russian Federation)
  • Specialists in engineering, design, manufacturing and construction of nuclear power plants
  • Specialists in safety of nuclear reactors at all the stages of nuclear projects (developing, erection and operation)
  • Authorized experts of the IAEA and the EU on the analysis of some studies and projects
  • Coordinators of support for spare parts manufactures, including shipments of equipment for international nuclear power plant projects

ARCO team is ISO 9001 certified

Advanced expertise and experience in new projects, technical evaluation and audits.

ARCO's high standard of professionalism allows the company to provide technical support (technical assistance on the development of nuclear technologies) and advise on strategic issues (consultations on strategic aspects of enterprise development).